What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the science of making a website search engine friendly. If managed correctly, SEO can allow your website to appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing when searching for specific keywords important to your business and to your customers. This involves a combination of marketing, writing and technical skills.

The objective of SEO is to increase your website's traffic and the brand awareness by using appropriate keywords that describe the content of your website. Our campaigns include a competitive analysis, keyword analysis, technical optimization, content creation, link strategies, and monthly PR campaigns.

power of google

Benefits of SEO Marketing – The Power of Google

In 2009, over 131 billion searches worldwide were conducted on Google alone . The number of people using search engines to find products, services, and information grew by 46% as compared to 2008. (Source: comScore). To be listed in first page of Google for keywords important to your business will not only generate a great volume of traffic for your web site, but it will also provide your business with the brand recognition of being one of the experts in your business industry.

There are only 10 positions available in the first page of Google under any keyword. Because the search engine lists the best of the best information in its search results, to be listed in the top 10 positions brings strong brand recognition for your business.

The First Page of Google is where Your Business Needs to Be

Since people rarely view search results beyond the first page, it is important for your website to appear on the first page of an internet search. This can be achieved through SEO marketing. Selecting a Search Engine Optimization provider is an important decision with significant implications to your company's web presence. A good SEO provider need to have a proven track record and will provide the best possible search optimization and related services. Cybertegic has strong proven record in SEO marketing and can help you reach a highly motivated target audience through organic search engine rankings. A proactive audience increases your website conversion rate resulting in a positive ROI.

Successfully implementing SEO:

  • Results in a higher clickthrough rate than any other program
  • Creates a prosperous source of regular relevant web traffic
  • Does not have a recurring pay per click cost
  • Gives the highest ROI in the long run compared to other online marketing strategies
  • Generates strong brand awareness and recognition
  • Creates a high organic search ranking that builds trust and credibility among internet searchers

Why Cybertegic? Our Action Speaks Louder than Words


Some of the Top Google Rankings Achieved

Customer Keyword Competing Web Pages
Cybertegic.com "Best Internet Marketing Company" 326,000,000
"Best Internet Marketing Agency" 119,000,000
"Internet Marketing Service" 381,000,000
Makemechic.com "Fashion Women Boots" 72,600,000
"Fashion Pumps" 49,600,000
Colortonerexpert.com "Color Toners" 3,230,000
Ritztours.com "China Vacation Tour" 52,400,000
Ceriwholesale.com "Wholesale Shoes" 19,200,000
"Wholesale Boots" 44,000,000
Affordableled "Led Signs" 122,000,000
Tonerboss.com "HP Toners" 2,000,000
Nilecorp "Jewelry Display" 72,600,000
Bestpack "Taping Machine" 2,350,000
Kanexlive.com "Thunderbolt Cables" 2,930,000
"Eco Friendly Cups" 5,600,000
Cerijewelry.com "Wholesale Rings" 28,190,000
Gilatools.com "Best Diamond Blade" 5,560,000

keyword vs valueCreate Search Engine Optimization  Campaign Tailored to Your Business

The success of any internet marketing campaign begins by carefully tailoring the campaign to the needs of your business. Our online marketing consultants are highly adept in their advertising specialties. Your business is carefully analyzed from the standpoints of our internet marketing consultants, who are equipped with Google and Yahoo certifications and MBA degrees.

  • We do not provide ready-made, "one size fits all" internet marketing strategies for our clients.
  • We specifically design and customize our internet marketing services to perfectly suit the needs of your business.
  • We meticulously strategize the marketing campaign to achieve maximum returns as quickly as possible within a carefully controlled marketing budget.
  • We have proven track record! Search Google for "Internet Marketing Service" to see our work in action.
Our Meticulous Approach to Search Engine Optimization Marketing

The goal is to improve your organic search results in major search engines results by bringing forth the core competency of your products and services to search engines. To organically rank in the first page of search engines equate to free traffic and brand recognition. The better organic results your site achieves, the lower your new customer acquisition costs. Our SEO Engineers begins the process by carefully review your site in four primary areas. Click for more

Selecting the Right SEO Keywords to Maximize Returns

Intelligent keyword choices are the foundation of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign and future site-related dialogue. Cybertegic will work with you to identify the most compelling and effective keywords for your SEO efforts. Your company will need a "wish list" of terms/phrases that your target market identifies with your company. We initiate the research process, utilizing data from the search engines with respect to search query volume, competition, and alternative keywords.


Monthly Progress Reporting
A Google Analytics Report will be created using an approved keyword list to chart the position of your website (the number of words/phrases may vary based on size of site). The monthly report chronicles the results o your website's keywords. Keywords may be adjusted over time, based on updated optimization.

Dedicated Project Manager to Oversee Your Campaign's Progress
A Project Manager and Solution Advisor will be assigned to the client at contract signing. The Project Manager will be available by phone and e-mail throughout the contract period to ensure the project is implemented on time.

Our Approach to Your SEO Campaign

  • We will have suggested keywords available determined by Cybertegic Keyword Experts.
  • We will include all keywords that you would like as part of the optimization.
  • We will use Search Engine Crawler Friendly SEO techniques.
  • We will disclose our SEO techniques to you.
  • We will not make any changes to your website without your prior approval.
  • We will not use any unethical SEO techniques.

We will not mislead you and provide false guarantees. It is not possible for anyone or any company to guarantee a particular ranking on any search engine. Google clearly states this on their website: http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html. We'll provide carefully estimated timeline based on our experience for your campaign.

Cybertegic's SEO packages are perfect for just about every business application and budget size. With a set up time of as short as four to eight weeks, Cybertegic is able to target local AND national potential customers for extremely competitive keywords. Furthermore, all of our packages include the following services: Click for more

We understand different business have different needs. We tailor our service to specifically fit your business's goal. Our Solution Advisors at Cybertegic will provide consultation and analyze your needs to plan out a successful SEO marketing model to take your business to the next level.

Contact us now to get started. Let our team of SEO consultants analyze your business for free.

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