Essentials Of Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is the upkeep of a website’s overall structure, content, and functionality. For ecommerce websites, this includes updating and managing the site’s interface, banners, images, and general site content. Like a clothing store, regular upkeep is required to maintain a website’s overall usability and attractiveness. The average website is updated on a monthly or weekly basis to preserve its aesthetics and usability. Sounds simple enough, yet it’s the first impression prospective customers will receive when they land on your ecommerce site, and website maintenance could spell the difference between acquiring and retaining customers and losing them.

First impressions happen with a simple glance, and ecommerce websites are no exception to the rule. You wouldn’t want to greet customers in tattered clothes, and you certainly wouldn’t want to turn prospective customers away with a broken link, slow loading website, or blank page on your website. A well-maintained website, on the other hand, is aesthetically welcoming and inspires new customers to explore your ecommerce site. The more they explore, the more likely they are to make a purchase.


When ecommerce customers like what they see, they will begin to explore your site. Customers expect it to be optimized for speed, easy navigation, and appealing promotions. Maintaining an online store is similar to maintaining a physical store as they both require constant improvement. A physical store with poorly organized items or an inefficient checkout process will discourage shopping.

Similarly, websites that load slowly or are littered with errors will turn away customers. Improperly or poorly updated site contents also create an unsatisfactory customer shopping experience and lower conversion rates. You may provide excellent products and services, but you will ultimately lose customers as a result of a dysfunctional website. And, let’s face it, the internet provides customers with abundant alternatives.

A well maintained website provides a pleasant customer shopping experience. By providing an error- and worry-free experience, customers can make their purchases effortlessly. Maintenance is also required in order to stay relevant to potential and returning customers. No one enjoys viewing the same page and content over and over. In addition, websites that are frequently updated with new content rank higher among Google’s Search Engine Results Pages, which helps increase a business’s overall reputation and brand presence.


Importance Of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance can be troublesome and tedious, especially for growing ecommerce companies with little experience in the field. Furthermore, hiring a full time graphic designer or in-house server engineer can be very expensive, as much as $4,000/month!

Let Cybertegic’s team of talented website developers take over the monotonous maintenance so you can focus on growing your business. Cybertegic’s team of developers and designers are skilled at handling a wide range of common problems that your website may experience. We provide professional and affordable website maintenance support to help keep your website updated and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  1. Uploading and Managing Products, Textual Content, and Images – Ecommerce companies require regular updates for site content, such as inventory product descriptions, new products, promotions, and images. Because your business may have thousands of items in store, it may be a burden to upload and update descriptions on a daily basis. In the process, unintentional updating errors may occur and severely affect your day-to-day business. Cybertegic’s programming team can help ease the website updating process. Depending on the service package, we can mass upload hundreds of products from an existing product database, new images or banners, or contextual changes that the client supplies in advance. Oftentimes, this requires uploading site content, such as banners, product image, graphics, and hundreds of products.
  2. Technical Support – For many new ecommerce stores, website functionality may be a problem. For example, products may not be properly added to customer shopping carts, website links may be incorrectly coded, or content may be improperly aligned. Cybertegic’s programmers will help you recognize the problem and recommend solutions for various technical issues.
  3. E-mail/Phone consultation – Cybertegic can provide up to five hours per contractual year to train additional employees. These consulting hours can be used for general web design consultation, troubleshooting, and/or website marketing strategies. Long distance telephone charges will be paid for by the client, and additional consultation is charged hourly.
  4. Additional updates outside of what is aforementioned can be taken on a case-by-case basis and charged hourly.
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