Cybertegic’s team of experts consistently comes up with a list of internet marketing tools for our clients to understand the subtle intricacies involved in internet marketing. Just as one cannot become an expert without the proper training and apparatus, one cannot also be an internet marketing expert without acquiring the proper tools and the knowledge.

Take the time to browse some of the many tools a digital marketing expert uses. Use these to understand your competition and to formulate the right competing strategy against them. For easier classification, we have divided these internet marketing tools for your convenience.


  • The Competition Analysis Tools – analyze your competitor’s activities
  • The Business Market Forecast Tools – estimate potential traffic, trends, and all other movements in your industry
  • The Website Analysis Tools – identify the strength and the popularity of your site or your competitor’s
  • The Website Improvement Tools – know how your site can compete fairly in the online battle arena



Cybertegic Voice Intelligence Tool (VIS)
How To Use: VIS is a powerful online tool that allows business owners to track customer activity beyond online activities by extending the tracking capability to offline print, magazine, newspaper, and others. The technology uses unique phone numbers, local or toll-free, in each advertising medium.

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How To Use: Marketing professionals use this site to get a quick insight into a competitor’s website. This site provides the estimated visitor traffic, overall internet ranking, link information, age of the site, contact information, and more on a site. Use this site to compare similar business websites to understand the strength of your competition.

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How To Use: Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing specialists use this tool to get a quick estimate on the PPC ad spending and average ad position for a competitor’s website. This tool will provide a list of PPC keywords that the competition is using to generate traffic. It can also compare the traffic volume between a website and its competitor’s website.

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How To Use: Similar to Alexa.com, Quancast provides an overall internet ranking system for websites on the internet. Internet marketing experts use this tool to get a quick idea on the ranking position of a site and the direct competitors in its industry.

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Google Traffic Estimator
How To Use: Use this tool to estimate how many potential customers your web business can generate per day from the Google Search Engine by advertising with Google Adwords and get an idea on the average advertising cost charged by Google. Please note that the estimate advertising cost provided in this tool by Google can be greatly reduced if the Adword campaign is handled by a Professional PPC marketing specialist.

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Overture Tool
How To Use: Use this tool to estimate how many potential customers your web business can generate per day from Yahoo Search Engine by advertising with Yahoo Pay Per Click Sponsored Search marketing. Please note that this tool is only until Jan 2007. Yahoo has discontinue the support for this tool. Nevertheless, if you need to get a quick idea on what keyword has more search volume compared to other keywords, you can use this tool.

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Google Trends
How To Use: Marketing professionals use Google trends to foresee the increase or decrease in the demand of products or services. For example, by researching with the keyword “iPhone”, marketing experts can see if the search demand on the internet for iPhone is increasing or decreasing overtime. Moreover, Google Trends allows you to compare the trends among different keywords.

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Yahoo Buzz
How To Use: Use this tool to see the latest hot topics and keyword searches people on the internet are focusing on. By understanding what the latest focus of the internet population is, Ecommerce specialists can help businesses identify potential new products or markets to enter into.

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Useful Tool for PPC Campaign Management
How To Use: We know how busy you are planning, creating and measuring success for your clients. That’s why we’ve created this site: your one-stop shop for Google tools to make your job a little easier. Build effective advertising programs, optimize your performance, and uncover market insights using the resources outlined here. And each of these free tools is easy to use, helping you to efficiently support your clients.

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Google Tool Bar
How To Use: Install this tool bar on your browser to check the Google Page Rank of the web site you are visiting. Google Page Rank is one of most used indicators by internet marketing experts to evaluate the popularity and strength of a web page. Page Rank numbers are from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest in the scale.

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Alexa Tool Bar
How To Use: Install this tool bar on your browser to quickly see the overall internet ranking of a website on top of your browser when you visit that website. The ranking is calculated based on the perspective of the population of Alexa bar users; therefore, the figure might not truly reflect the accurate ranking position of a website on the internet. However, you can use other analysis tools to get a good overall idea about a web business.

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How To Use: Marketing specialists use this tool to discover the numbers of links accumulated in a particular website. Since Google places a strong emphasis on the number of good links a website has, this tool can give marketing specialists an idea of the link strength of a website. In addition to the link analysis, this tool also provides information on the number of pages that a website has indexed in major search engines.

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Web Site Domain Information
How To Use: Internic.net is a site widely used by eBusiness specialists to check the domain information of a website such as the age of the web site, the expiration date of the domain name, domain registrar information, and name server information.

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Internet Speed Test
How To Use: If you are hosting your web site from your current location by using T1, T3, DSL, or any other method, you can use this tool to quickly measure the speed of your internet connection to make sure your web site has the sufficient bandwidth speed for your site visitors.

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Google Webmaster Tool
How To Use: Internet marketing experts use Google Webmaster tools to check the indexing status of their web site in Google. By making sure that the web site is properly indexed in the Google search engine, the website will stand a better chance for higher ranking within the Google search engine. Many benefits also come with this tool. To see the full benefits of this tool, click on the tool location below.

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How To Use: All Internet marketing experts know that in order for a website to reach a higher ranking position, an inclusion into the DMOZ.org directory is an important step. This reputable directory has been in existence for a long period of time and is providing its data to major search engines. Submitting to this directory is free, but it will not be easy to get your site into this directory.

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The Internet is a vigorously fast and constantly changing business environment. Everyday, a new technology concerning the internet comes up and arises. Hence, in the field of internet marketing, there are no set rules, no guidelines, and not even any platforms to follow. The only thing that remains constant is change.

Becoming an internet marketing expert takes years of training with a highly-adept sense of foresight. It takes years to understand all the dynamics and complexities of the internet, let alone the constant education and the never-ending strive for perfection.

Listed here are just some of the free and most popular internet marketing tools available online. There are more, but are unshared by any internet marketing expert to the public. Now that you have used these tools and have understood where you stand amidst your competition, then it is time to get an internet marketing expert team to execute the right internet marketing campaigns for your company.

Call us now and see how our internet marketing expert team can help achieve your competitive niche.

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