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Keywords are meant to make our lives a whole lot easier. We always know in our minds what we're looking for. We just need keywords to tell the search program what it is that we are searching about. We simply type the name or description of what we're searching and when we find it - Read more

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There will be an internet marketing seminar to be hosted by our company - Cybertegic, Inc.Important: This seminar will be conducted in Chinese Only.Call to register for our upcoming training seminar on June 13th, 2009 at 9am in the San Gabriel Hilton (Santa Barbara Room) . This seminar is useful and effective to Business Owners Read more

Posted in: Cybertegic Highlights offers professional internet marketing services to beginning and seasoned webmasters, online business entrepreneurs, and regular people like you and me who are on the internet for the purpose of doing good business and making can do effective Search Engine Optimization for you.Tried and Tested Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services)Search Engine Optimization or Read more

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It's almost the third quarter of 2009 and more changes took place and are still taking place especially for bloggers and blogging. Well, most of the time, that is just what we all want to believe when in reality - the MAJOR rules never change. Content is still king. Hence, blogging and social media marketing Read more

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You can also check out the first post in this series over here. If you want to get the feel of a LIVE website while doing SEO work from outside of your hosting company's server, here's what you do: Keep the whole thing (files, images, sub folders, etc.) tucked in a single main folder (that Read more

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