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Search Engine Optimization on Twitter

In case you haven't signed out of Twitter recently, they have a new front page!From now on, those who are new to Twitter will be seeing this......instead of this...On a Search Engine Optimization perspective, this new front page is not consistent with the rest of Twitter. However, it's good that the logo with the word Read more

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Hot SEO Tips: How to Translate and URL Submit on Baidu

Chinese search engine, Baidu, is said to be a "sleeping giant that awakened" recently.China's population is more than four times the size of the US. Internet users in China comprise 11% of their population. It makes a lot of sense to submit your website to this giant. To be able to do that, you will Read more

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All About Cybertegic, Inc.’s New Voice Intelligence System

One of the most difficult tasks e-commerce business owners face is knowing which advertising medium works and which do not. Oftentimes, hard-earned advertising money is placed on all possible Internet advertising channels just to cover all bases. Cybertegic’s new Voice Intelligence Service puts an end to this never-ending guessing game. The VIS is a powerful Read more

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Just read this very interesting semi-tribute to Billy Mays’ memorable As Seen On TV ads written by Search Engine Watch’s Herndon Hasty. Hays took Mays’ marketing pitch and made it applicable to search engine optimization marketing. Hasty maintains that as mock-worthy as Mays’ pitches were, there’s plenty that can be used to develop a successful Read more

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To add followers on Twitter:1. Login to your Twitter account first.2. If you already have somebody in mind to follow on Twitter who is also in the same field as you are, just go ahead and go to their Twitter profile and click on the link that says “followers”. (If you’re not sure of what Read more

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