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Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

Video marketing has come along way. It has become one of the most effective and powerful promotional tools for businesses to promote themselves. But video marketing can only be effective if the videos are interesting enough to become viral. If you’re wondering how you can do this, then we at Cybertegic, one of the best Read more

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Social PPC advertising is simply using pay-per-click marketing on social media channels. There are several social media channels that you can choose to advertise. In this blog series, we’ll be discussing how you can make more effective ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic will be guiding Read more

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Voice Search

SEO is an ever-changing industry. Every year, Google rolls out a significant change to its algorithm that can affect one’s digital marketing strategy. And one trend that is beginning to catch the attention of marketing experts is “voice search.” Voice search is said to be the fastest growing type of search according to Behshad Behzadi Read more

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Instagram has become a popular platform for being able to share stories with pictures or videos. In particular, Instagram brands itself as a platform that focuses on beautiful photos and videos that can help illustrate the users’ lifestyles. Because of this visual appeal, Instagram Shopping is quickly becoming more popular. As a digital marketing company Read more

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Writing AdWords text ads can be a challenge. Since you can only fit in 25 characters for your headline, you need to think of a message that will help your advertisement from standing out. Creativity is going to be the key here, and as a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic has the tips Read more

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